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Lawyers and Legal Advice

We will defend you and your family's interests if you ever face any difficulties.

Contract Law: Drafting contracts (purchase/sale; lease; for service, etc…), breach of contract claiming, contractual resolutions.

Civil Law: Torts, Trespass, Divorce proceedings, Ownership dissolution, Separation agreements, Child support non-payment, Medical malpractice, Spain's Inheritance, Any kind of civil litigation.

Criminal Law: Traffic accidents and fines, Alcoholic tickets, Work accidents, Assistance to detainees, Agressions, Injuries, Theft, Scams, etc...

Administrative Law: fines resources, management of grants and subsidies, administrative claims.

Labour Law: Labor claim, Negotiation of agreement, Employment regulation, Rights and obligations of employers and workers.

Fiscal Law and Tax Law: Design of fiscal policy for a company, Self-employed people or individuals. We present claims to bodies and Administrative or Dispute tribunals.

Trade Law and Commercial Law: Creation of societies, alterations and updates of statutes and internal regulations.

Property Law: Conveyancing, Real estate transactions, Leasing and evictions for any kind of properties (houses, locals, offices, buildings and industrial buildings), etc.